The smartphone industry has penetrated the Indian market at an unprecedented rate with an expected growth rate of 85-90% by the year 2020, according to a study conducted by Omidyar Network. This is partly due to the availability of affordable smartphone options and partly due to the eventual fadeaway of tablets as they got replaced with 5-6 inch versions of themselves, only more efficient and convenient. What’s fascinating is the fact that the smartphone market has now reached even the tier-III and tier-IV Indian cities.

The number of smartphones owned by Indians currently stands at 400 million and counting. Right from the time, you open your eyes to the time you shut them, you are surrounded by artificially lit screens that practically help you with everything. The applications are numerous, from texting to browsing the web, downloading apps, playing games, making online purchases and digital payments, and socializing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Do you ever wonder exactly how many people are on their mobile devices, scrolling cute kitten videos on Facebook or posting duck faces on Instagram or maybe looking for job offers on LinkedIn? Well, now you can precisely see what India is doing on the internet at this very moment!

We at CouponCry have created a real time display visual that indicates key data points along with awesome tidbits of information in fun, bite-sized format. Check for yourself!

This data animation provides the number of google searches happening every second, number of smartphone users along with the brands with most number of sales, number of apps downloaded, social media interaction on Facebook & WhatsApp, number of active users on snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram in real time!

The growth in the numbers happen in terms of seconds and hours, which then turn into days, months and gradually into the year. The timer will help you see the changes as they happen in real time. You can skip the time and go directly to the day, month or year and check the growth happening right in front of your eyes!

Did you know that in just one hour 17 million google searches happen in India, 38 million photos are shared on Whatsapp and 228311 transactions done on Paytm? Simultaneously, 9729 orders are placed on Amazon, 62,500 bookings happen on Ola and 5833 food orders are delivered by Swiggy.

In the same time 28,539 people are active on Snapchat, 6,849 viewers surf content on YouTube, 2,648 tweets are sent out, 2,739,726 selfies are taken and 3,060 babies are born!

Where do we go from here? How will social media facilitated mobile devices affect human interaction? How is Internet and e-commerce websites changing the way we shop and what impact will it have on online business and retail industry? Are we heading towards a future with Skynet and terminators? If so, can John Connor save us?

The questions are a plenty and the answers? Well, only time will tell. but if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that smartphone technology is here to stay. It will only improve from here on as the market penetration happens and more people are exposed to mobile phones and the internet.

Check out how India is using internet on mobile devices in real time. See the animation for yourself and find out cool stuff like the most used app in the country right now!